August HBR Event


Harvard Business Review Happy Hour


Think of this evening as book club meets wine club, meets boss get together. Instead of a book, we will be discussing the latest from the Harvard Business Review. We provide a fun environment for some awesome people to get together, drink some wine, and chat about the latest in business and management! 


What Sets Successful CEOs Apart?

At the top of the ladder, the stakes are high and the demands intense. Too many CEOs falter in the job; about a quarter of the Fortune 500 chiefs who leave their firms each year are forced out. Clearly, boards do not always get their hires right.

In conducting an analysis of in-depth assessments of 17,000 executives, the authors uncovered a large disconnect between what directors think makes for an ideal CEO and what actually leads to high performance. The findings of their 10-year research project challenge many widely held assumptions. Charisma, confidence, and pedigree all have little bearing on CEO success, it turns out. Instead, top performers demonstrate four specific business behaviors: (1) They’re decisive, realizing they can’t wait for perfect information and that a wrong decision is often better than no decision. (2) They engage for impact, working to understand the priorities of stakeholders and then aligning them around a goal of value creation. (3) They adapt proactively, keeping an eye on the long term and treating mistakes as learning opportunities. (4) They deliver results in a reliable fashion, steadily following through on commitments.


The Talent Curse 

High potentials being groomed as future leaders would appear to have it made—but their seemingly good fortune can turn out to be a curse. As they strive to conform to company ideals for leadership, they often bury the qualities that made them special. They become reluctant to take risks, lest they prove themselves unworthy. This “talent curse” can hinder personal growth, performance, and engagement—and even push people out the door.

Warning Signs:
– A shift from using your talent to constantly trying to prove it
– A preoccupation with your image, which feels increasingly inauthentic
– The feeling that your present work is empty and only the future will be meaningful
Action Steps:
– Own your talent; don’t let it own you. Balance others’ expectations with your needs and learn to accept help.
– Bring your whole self to work. Channel the darker sources of your talent.
– Value the present. View your current work as a worthy destination, not merely a stepping-stone.



  1. Do I have to read all of the articles?
    No! Just come ready to discuss how management, leadership, and business impact your work life. 
  2. Is there a formal discussion?
    We like to keep it casual so there isn’t a “formal” talk given at the event. We may gather in small groups to discuss the articles but you can also choose to mix & mingle if that is more your jam. 
  3. Can I invite friends/colleagues?
    YES! The more the merrier – until we run out of space of course. 
  4. Is there a cap on attendance?
    There is a limit on how many people can attend so register early! 
  5. Why is there a fee for general registration tickets?
    Once we reach a certain capacity tickets will be $5 (plus fees) to ensure that we can provide enough food/drink for everyone. More incentive to register early!