The DISC assessment is a non-judgmental tool used for exploring behavioral differences. The DISC model has been in existence for nearly 100 years and we combine this trusted tool with the neuroscience of communication to help change individual behavior and improve workplace and team efficiency.

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The DISC Framework For Behavior & Communication

The DISC framework analyzes behavior along two dimensions: whether tasks or people are prioritized, and whether the individual has a more active or reserved pace. The report assigns each person a predominant style, which represents their behavioral comfort zone. Reports also illustrate how the participant perceives any necessary adaptations to their natural behavioral style.

The DISC assessment can be used in conjunction with all Fringe Services

How can we use DISC?


With Coaching

Understanding the four DISC styles allows participants to be more aware of their own behaviors so that they can more readily adapt when communicating with individuals who differ in pace and/or priority, making for more productive interactions. The DISC framework supports an exploration of self-awareness and encourages discussion about the benefits of behavioral difference.


With Training

By identifying group behavioral trends, DISC provides a starting point for developing a customized plan for team training. By exploring behavioral tendencies, motivations, communication styles, we can improve understanding among team members and identify strategies for managing and developing a productive team environment.

DISC, what's it all about?

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Add DISC to any program



To help facilitate individual self-awareness during any Fringe PD training program, we recommend a foundational behavioral assessment as a pre-learning add-on. Participants will take the DISC assessment a few weeks before their program.

One week before your program, they will receive a confidential personal report with their results as well as a quick primer video to help them read and interpret their results.

DISC themes will be pulled into your training session to add additional color and context to the learning objectives!

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All your DISC questions, answered!

The DISC Behavioral Assessment is an assessment tool that measures an individual’s behaviors (behavioral competencies) in order to gain insights into how they interact with others. It can help identify communication preferences, working styles, strengths, weaknesses, and areas for development. This assessment can be used to better understand team dynamics, improve communication between team members, and to inform decisions related to hiring, training, and coaching.

The DISC Behavioral Assessment consists of a series of questions that measure an individual’s response to certain situations. These responses are then analyzed in order to provide insight into how they interact with others, their communication preferences, working styles and areas for development.

DISC focuses on four main personality dimensions and measures an individual’s response to certain situations. Other behavioral assessments may focus on different aspects such as values or skills. They may also use different methods for measuring responses, such as surveys or interviews.

Using the DISC Behavioral Assessment can help individuals, teams and organizations gain insight into communication preferences, working styles and areas for development.

The DISC Behavioral Assessment is based on decades of research and has been validated through extensive testing. It is also widely used in business, education and other fields for its accuracy.

The DISC Assessment is a reliable tool for measuring personality characteristics and behaviors. Its results have been validated in numerous studies and are considered to be accurate and reliable.


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