January HBR


Harvard Business Review Ladies Night


Think of this evening as book club meets wine club, meets boss get together. this quarter, Instead of a book, we will be discussing an episode from the Harvard Business Review’s women at work podcast. We provide a fun environment for some awesome WOMEN to get together, drink some wine, and chat about the latest in business and management! 

Tuesday, January 15 – 6:00 PM

 Kendra Scott Georgetown – 1249 Wisconsin Avenue NW

Let’s Do Less Dead-End Work


Women are expected and asked to do thankless tasks — order lunch, handle less-valued clients — more than men, and research shows that doing those tasks slows down our career advancement and makes us unhappy at work. We talk about why we wind up with so much office drudgery and how to get some of it off our plates. Guests: Lise Vesterlund and Ruchika Tulshyan.

Could you take notes? Would you mind ordering lunch? We need someone to organize the off-site event — can you do that? Whether you’ve just started your career or are the CEO of the company, if you’re a woman, people expect you to do routine, time-consuming tasks that no one else wants to do.

We talk with University of Pittsburgh economics professor Lise Vesterlund about why women get stuck with — even volunteer for! — tasks that won’t show off our skills or get us promoted, and how that slows down our career advancement and makes us unhappy at work. Women of color are asked to do more low-promotability projects, and we talk with inclusion strategist Ruchika Tulshyan about how they can say no. Lise and Ruchika tell us how they’ve handled these kinds of requests and what managers can do to assign work fairly.

Listen to the podcast here <—


  • 6:00 – Arrive, mix & mingle

  • 6:45 – Discussion begins

  • 7:30 – More mixing & mingling

  • 8:00 – You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here!





Event FAQ:

  1. Do I have to have listened to the entire podcast?
    No! Just come ready to discuss how management, leadership, and business impact your work life. The blurb on this page is a great and quick overview too! And if you prefer reading over listening, the full transcript is also available.

  2. Is there a formal discussion?
    We like to keep it casual so there isn’t a “formal” talk given at the event, it’s more of a discussion. We will discuss the article and how you see it reflected in your working reality. We love having a robust conversation with participants but you can also just listen if that is more your jam.

  3. Can I invite friends/colleagues?
    YES! The more the merrier – until we run out of space of course.

  4. Is there a cap on attendance?
    This event will be intentionally intimate in size but we hope that you will reach out to a few folks in your network who might enjoy this type of conversation and ask them to join the fun!