January HBR Event


Harvard Business Review Happy Hour


Think of this evening as book club meets wine club, meets boss get together. Instead of a book, we will be discussing the latest from the Harvard Business Review. We provide a fun environment for some awesome people to get together, drink some wine, and chat about the latest in business and management! 


The Leader’s Guide to Corporate Culture

Executives are often confounded by culture, because much of it is anchored in unspoken behaviors, mindsets, and social patterns. But when properly managed, culture can help them achieve change and build organizations that will thrive in even the most trying times. In “The Leader’s Guide to Corporate Culture,” the authors describe eight distinct culture styles:

CARING, focused on relationships and mutual trust
PURPOSE, exemplified by idealism and altruism
LEARNING, characterized by exploration, expansiveness, and creativity; enjoyment, expressed through fun and excitement
RESULTS, characterized by achievement and winning
AUTHORITY, defined by strength, decisiveness, and boldness
SAFETY, defined by planning, caution, and preparedness
ORDER, focused on respect, structure, and shared norms.

These styles fit into an “integrated culture framework” according to the degree to which they reflect independence or interdependence (people interactions) and flexibility or stability (response to change). They can be used to diagnose a culture and to model how likely an individual leader is to align with and shape it. The authors offer five insights regarding culture’s effect on companies’ success:

(1) When aligned with strategy and leadership, a strong culture drives positive organizational outcomes.
(2) Selecting or developing leaders for the future requires a forward-looking strategy and culture.
(3) In a merger, designing a new culture on the basis of complementary strengths can speed up integration and create more value over time.
(4) In a dynamic, uncertain environment, in which organizations must be more agile, learning gains importance.
(5) A strong culture can be a significant liability when it is misaligned with strategy. 

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Event FAQ:

  1. Do I have to have read the entire article?
    No! Just come ready to discuss how management, leadership, and business impact your work life. The blurb on this page is a great and quick overview too!
  2. Is there a formal discussion?
    We like to keep it casual so there isn’t a “formal” talk given at the event, it’s more of a discussion. We will discuss the article and how you see it reflected in your working reality. We love having a robust conversation with participants but you can also just listen if that is more your jam. 
  3. Can I invite friends/colleagues?
    YES! The more the merrier – until we run out of space of course. 
  4. Is there a cap on attendance?
    This event will be intentionally intimate in size but we hope that you will reach out to a few folks in your network who might enjoy this type of conversation and ask them to join the fun!