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In a recent study of 400 companies, organizations lost an average of $62.4 million per year due to communications issues. Yikes.

We help you take the work out of communication and office issues to allow you to truly focus on your objectives and the work that moves the needle at your organization.

Fringe becomes an extension of your company’s team. We adopt your values and align with your organizational approaches. We aren’t here to push any cookie-cutter frameworks that don’t meet your unique needs.

Making a Lasting Impact

In an era of low unemployment, companies need to attract the right talent, but more importantly, retain and amplify existing talent for growth and the longevity of the organization.

Fringe can help. We provide customized executive coaching, organizational workshops, and specialized consulting to deliver results for improved workplace communication challenges.

Features and Partners

See some of the organizations and partners who help us enhance professional development opportunities for our clients and the community.

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