Coaching Can Take You There

If you’re wondering what the next step is, coaching can take you there.

Fringe coaches work with you to provide the space, structure, and support to identify what you want and tangible ways to achieve it. We have deep experience coaching lawyers and other professionals at all levels. From summer intern to the partner track, we have you covered.

The process is deeply rooted in neuroscience, giving coaches tools that are grounded in research for positive results. To learn more about our coaching services, download this document.

Meet Our Coaches

Coaching Circles

Coaching Circles have a similar process to individual Coaching but on a larger scale. Prior to beginning the coaching engagement, Fringe works with your team to focus on your goals and customize the program for your needs. Groups meet with a Fringe Coach on a regular cadence, and we measure against our goals to track growth. Coaching Circle participants also have the option to continue their engagement with a Fringe toolkit that will give internal employees the materials they need to keep discussions going and continue the group’s progress. This is a great extension to ensure new behaviors and skills continue to develop over the long-term.

Peer-Coach Training

Peer coaching helps develop managers and supervisors into internal coaches with the skills to be more effective leaders and develop their teams and peers for enhanced workplace communication. Fringe is here to help you create an internal coaching staff to continue your professional development activities for measurable ROI.

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Fringe is proud to be NeuroLeadership certified and part of the Forbes Coaches Council.



Our Philosophy

All Fringe coaches follow a simple philosophy: Be clear and consistent with your intentions and follow through. Our process is driven by Managing Director Rachael Bosch who is trained in the Brain-Based Coaching methodology through the Neuroleadership Institute. The process is deeply rooted in neuroscience that gives coaches tools grounded in research for positive results.

How It’s Done

Tennis champion Billie Jean King famously said, “Champions keep playing until they get it right.” We agree. Our clients use incremental learning techniques to achieve insights and develop skills to navigate teams, organizations, and their careers more effectively. It’s important to have baselines and assess growth, so in each session, we measure progress toward goals and assess actionable steps for future sessions.

We work with you to meet your needs; in person, virtually, or a combination based on your schedule. Ready to take it up a notch? Contact us today.

If you’re ready to take an even deeper dive into your professional presence, we offer 360-degree review services. We work with your organization to distribute an anonymous survey to a group of your colleagues. Results are analyzed and presented in aggregate only. This gives you information for the highest levels of self-awareness as you move through this growth process.

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