Fringe is committed to supporting organizations’ growth through enhanced communications. Our consulting frameworks provide unique customized options alone or in conjunction with additional Fringe Coaching and Workshop programs.

Organizational DiSC Study

Behavioral assessments are incredibly valuable self-awareness tools. Imagine what you could do if you spread that self-awareness across your entire organization. That is what we do with our Organizational DiSC Study. By administering and analyzing the assessment across your entire organization we can track demographic and behavioral trends in tandem, giving you exceptional insight into how your organization behaves and why.

Civil Health Assessment

Your culture matters to the bottom line. Dive into the dual bottom line of people and profitability with the first step assessing the civility (or lack thereof) affecting your organization’s efficiency and productivity.

Civility Email Challenge

The Civility Email Challenge is a six-week program that can be shared across all levels of your organization. Each week is focused on a new topic to help shift your talent toward a more civil, collaborative, and more productive workplace.

Engagement Studies & Strategic Planning Support

Incorporating people and culture intentionally into your strategic plans can help boost morale and results. Fringe becomes an extension of your team to identify your company’s needs and provided a tailored program to meet your goals.

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