Fringe PD provides exceptional, interactive, and actionable in-person and virtual training workshops. Training programs can be tedious and exhausting, so we take a different approach. We keep things engaging, entertaining, and, most importantly, applicable.

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Research backed

Our research-backed, neuroscience-based approach informs all our programming.

Regardless of whether your program is in-person or virtual, for an hour or a day, we ensure that every participant walks away with an actionable experience giving everyone the same toolkit for stronger communication.

Key Brain-Based Communication Workshops

See below for some of our most popular program topics. These programs can be arranged in any format ranging from 60-minute to full-day programming delivered virtually or in-person. We look forward to discussing how to customize these programs for your unique needs.

Communicating Across Difference with DISC

  • DISC Framework
  • Self-Awareness
  • Communicating Across Difference

The Art of Managing up

  • Taking Ownership
  • Clarifying Expectations
  • Navigating the Unwritten Rules of Work

Seeking & Receiving Feedback

  • Obstacles to Receiving Feedback
  • Sourcing & Gathering Feedback
  • Managing Reactions / Learning Mindset

Self-Awareness & Communication

  • Self & Other Awareness
  • Communicating for Connection
  • Building Relationships

Managing From the Middle

  • Power v. Influence
  • Managing Up & Down
  • Navigating Conflict

Delegate to Elevate

  • Delegation Myths/Traps
  • Effective Delegation Practices
  • Managing an Ongoing Project

Giving Feedback That Sticks

  • Equity in Feedback
  • Creating a Feedback Culture
  • Managing Reactions to Feedback

Values Based Leadership

  • Core Leadership Values
  • Development of Personal Values Framework
  • Behavioral Adaptations

Building Your Relational Business

  • Business Development
  • Networking Skills
  • Framing the Relationship

Interviewing in a modern world

  • Interrupting Bias
  • Demonstrating the Brand
  • Clarity in Decision-Making

Effective Team Management

  • Leadership Frameworks
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Leadership Behaviors for Culture Change

Navigating Workplace Conflict

  • Understanding Conflict Benefits
  • Conflict Styles and Types
  • Frameworks for Navigating Conflict


Creating an inclusive workplace starts with understanding and exploring difference... respectfully

The following topics can be added to the programs above by adding additional time to the delivery. They can also be delivered as standalone training programs or standalone units within a training series.




ALLYSHIP (standalone series)

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Senior Associate

Amlaw 50 Firm

“This was the best firm-sponsored workshop I’ve been to in a long while. The presenter was fabulous. Her delivery was very smooth, entertaining, and chock full of tidbits and connections to aid in attendee learning. They also knew how to engage with attendees in other offices through the video link.”

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Talent Manager

AmLaw 200 Firm

“I thought the session was great. This type of communication is such an important skill that can really set these folks apart if they learn how to master it correctly!”

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PD Director

AmLaw 100 Firm

“You are all so easy to work with and so professional and good at what you do! I forgot it can be easy to work with outside consultants! Thank you both again. I look forward to working with you both again soon and I know we have a few programs in the works.”


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Every interaction matters, whether it’s providing constructive feedback or navigating a challenging client relationship. We help you take the work out of interpersonal communication, allowing you to focus on work that moves the needle for your organization.

At Fringe PD, we know everyone’s needs are unique. We take the time to assess your individual and organizational goals, and tailor programming to give you the tools you need to be successful. No cookie cutter approaches here!

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