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Key Brain-based Communication Workshop Themes

See below for some of our most popular program topics. These focus areas can be arranged in any format ranging from 60-minute to full-day programming delivered virtually or in-person. We look forward to discussing how to customize these programs for your unique needs. Download this document to learn more about workshops and retreats.


Teams that behave and think differently solve problems faster and with higher levels of innovation. We teach people how they can more deeply understand their own communication and behavior patterns as well as how to engage with colleagues who behave and communicate differently. These programs utilize the DISC assessment and focus on increasing cognitive diversity and behavioral awareness.


Communication has always been a critical professional skill. With the recent changes to our workplaces, all professionals must learn how to communicate effectively regardless of method and platform. Participants learn the concepts of effective and professional communication skills in different technology platforms. We explore professional persona and the development of a professional brand through the construct of communication and behavior, helping everyone involved feel more confident and intentional in their professional choices!


Communication skills are a critical item in any leader’s toolkit. Our leadership communications workshop modules include: providing and receiving effective feedback, setting expectations and delegation, team building, and psychological safety, and creating and implementing a unique leadership communication style.


The ability to receive and provide effective feedback is critical for professionals at all levels. We customize our feedback programs to the specific needs and seniority levels in your organization. Because it isn’t enough to just give and receive feedback, we incorporate skills and tools that help participants manage their reactions to challenging feedback conversations. These programs are deeply practical and highly engaging for people at every level!


Personal and cultural resiliency (growth mindset) are essential skills for high-achieving professionals. But what does a growth mindset mean, and why is it so important to attain? Resilient thinking and a growth mindset are connected to skills like utilizing feedback, engaging in creativity and innovation, and creating psychological safety in teams. Participants of all levels will learn the core concepts of resilient communication and how to begin adapting them to their unique working environment.


Because so much of our work happens in teams, having well-functioning teams is key to personal and organizational success. But great teams don’t just appear; they are built and developed over time. We help you build the structures and practices to encourage high-performing teams. By using the core concepts of human-centered-design we engage the creativity of every team leader and contributor. Strategy and creativity programs are highly customizable. If you are interested in a strategy/design-thinking session with Fringe PD, please reach out directly!


Conflict is all around us, and that isn’t always a bad thing! When engaged productively, conflict allows us to be innovative, creative, and build stronger relationships. By actively exploring conflict participants discuss conflict ownership, and learn the challenging skills used to move from conflict to understanding. Ready to move more deeply into the world of difficult conversations? Our civility training sessions help leaders at all levels engage in critical thinking about their own behavior and its impact on relationships and the organization.


Self-awareness is a foundational communication skill that can be developed at any stage of professional life, and our workshops are designed with each specific group and level in mind. For early or mid-career professionals, self-awareness often relates to managing up and controlling professional presence. Self-awareness programs are often combined with the complimentary skillset of “other” awareness to improve relationships and develop trust.

This was the best firm-sponsored workshop I’ve been to in a long while. The presenter was fabulous. Her delivery was very smooth, entertaining, and chock full of tidbits and connections to aid in attendee learning.

-Senior Associate, Vinson & Elkins LLP



Sometimes it takes a change of scenery for a change in mindset. Do you have an offsite meeting coming up? Retreats can take our Workshop programs to the next level.

If a full-day or multi-day facilitation is in order to get your staff focused on your clients, your teams, and their own communications—we’ve got you covered. We will tailor a unique program to meet your needs and the audiences at the retreat, in order to drive the biggest change.

Please reach out and we can discuss.

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