The average cost of poor communication for a business.

9 out of 10

Employees who understand that team communication is critical.

Almost 50%

Employees that leave a meeting without understanding outcomes.

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What's Holding You Back?

Move Forward

Anyone who works with people needs to have the ability to communicate effectively. It is critical to your success. These are not "soft skills" — they’re professional skills.


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Quarantined but communicating effectively

This past December, Fast Company announced that 2020 would be the year of working remotely. Well, the magazine’s editors may be right about that — but not for the reasons they expected. Instead, growing concerns about Covid-19 have prompted many organizations, both global and domestic, to start talking about protocols for sending their workforces home and ways they can maintain high levels of operability should …

Oops…I Did It Again

Remember in January when we set our sights on those shiny goals for a new year and a new decade? Well, welcome to February — the lustre of our ambition has worn off a bit, and (if you’re like me) you may be feeling a bit disheartened about your progress to date.  But as with most things, the magic in …

Fringe PD makes big move to enhance client experience

WASHINGTON — One of the fastest-growing coaching and training firms just got bigger: Megan McGrath Corsetti joined the female-led Fringe Professional Development (PD) team on Feb. 10 as its director of client relationships. “We are thrilled to be adding Megan’s energy and wisdom to our team of whip-smart trainers and consultants and look forward to seeing her ideas strengthen the impact of our …

Cancel Culture, Revisited

Any good business person will tell you that failures are a necessary ingredient of success. They demonstrate ambition to push limits, resilience against setbacks, and the creativity inherent in trial and error. Yet this same principle is rarely applied to the rules of engagement between co-workers. An isolated slip-up of questionable language, for example, can lead to HR action, and …

Gather ‘Round the Table, Ya’ll

Want to know what I’m thankful for this year? Thanksgiving dinner. But it’s not because the food is delicious (although my sweet potatoes are amazing …). It’s because holiday meals are the perfect testing grounds for mediating disputes.   Think about it. Mediation, when successful, is simply communicating through conflict with the goal of reaching an agreement that lets everyone carry …

Tis the Season to Be Stressed

When you think about it, October really is the start of the holiday season — at least in the workplace. November and December are booked solid with end-of-year corporate events and personal trips, making scheduling a beast and team productivity rare. We’re expected to meet not only our social obligations, but also our billable hours.  So now is the time …

The Upside of Uncomfortable

I used to be a corporate litigator, so I’ve experienced my fair share of uncomfortable situations. As I’ve continued to navigate my career, though, I’ve realized that discomfort is an unavoidable part of every new step I take or goal I set. The good news is, I’ve also discovered a great way to move past this discomfort. No, it’s not …

Fringe Research: Communication in the Legal Profession

After studying civility and workplace communication in the legal profession with the NALP Foundation for over a year, it is time to start putting our finding to work! Check out our article, “An Exploration of Civility within the Legal Industry,” in this month’s issue of the PD Quarterly. To learn more about how we are utilizing this research in practice …

woman working on laptop

Where’s the Woke?

This June marked one of the most visible observances of Pride Month that our clients have ever seen. The celebration was certainly ubiquitous in my own city of D.C. Rainbow flags appeared not only above the basement bars in Dupont Circle (as usual), but also (for what felt like the first time) as window banners of K Street law offices, …

Can You Trust You?

If you’re anything like me, then your workdays can sometimes feel like playing Tetris while blindfolded — the next task always comes too fast and it’s hard to see how it’ll all fit into the carefully planned puzzle that is my schedule. It’s in these moments of fatigue when I most often notice the little things wreaking havoc on my …