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Our workshops are designed to deliver actionable tools that people can put into practice immediately. We never want someone to leave thinking, “that was interesting, but now what?” Each workshop participant receives a workbook of tools and exercises so that they can apply what they’ve learned to their real lives.


You also have the option to build a custom learning campaign. These provide participants with  pre-work, anything from an article or podcast to an on-demand learning module, prior to the workshop and conclude with facilitated discussions, led by your internal leaders or our Fringe facilitators, a few weeks after the workshop. This method ensures that participants have time to reflect on their learning and put it into practice. Here is some more information about learning campaigns.

We love our workshop topics, too, so we understand wanting a little bit of everything! Because all of our offerings are customizable, we work with you to identify the most relevant needs of your group or organization, and then we design a custom curriculum to meet those needs. We offer everything from a single 60-minute workshop on one topic to 120-minute deep dives or multi-workshop series that span the full year. You can also supplement your workshops with our on-demand modules so that your learners can learn at their own pace before an interactive workshop with our facilitators. Learn more about our on-demand offerings here. 

All of the above! Prior to 2020, almost all of our workshops were live and in-person, but because of the changing circumstances, we now have more delivery methods for you to choose from. Currently, we offer workshops in a live virtual format. We keep those very interactive by using polls, breakout rooms, and the simultaneous chat. You can also ask us to record and edit those workshops so that you get access to a streamlined and watchable video that you can share with participants or those who may not have been able to attend live. We anticipate that in the future, with a changing COVID landscape, and people returning to their offices, we will be able to once again offer in-person workshops, as well.

While live trainings are great, sometimes it can be to gather a group together for uninterrupted training time. And as helpful as a training might be, it might not be directly applicable to all participants at that particular moment. Enter Fringe OnDemand. We have a robust library of OnDemand modules based on our live workshop content. These modules include short videos, worksheets, discussion boards, and quizzes. What’s great about this delivery method is that your learners can access these modules when they need it, as often as they need it, and on their own schedule. We can also pair these modules with live facilitated discussions so that  your learners can come together to reflect on what they’ve learned and how they’ve applied those concepts. We have a little preview of our OnDemand courses here so you can see how they work.

Of course we do! We’ve all been to an interesting training but then struggled with how to apply it to our own situations. Our workbooks are designed to guide each participant through exercises to help them develop their own implementation plans. But if you’re looking for more support, you can combine workshops with individual coaching sessions for participants. In this model, participants have the option to sign up for a short coaching session with one of our coaches so that they can formulate a plan for how they will implement the workshop’s key takeaways. You can learn more about individual coaching here.


Yes! We agree that taking an assessment can be interesting, but sometimes it’s difficult to know how to use that information. Depending on the type of assessment, we work with you to craft the support that you and your organization need. This can be anything from a group workshop, to discussion guides for leaders, through individual coaching sessions for those who participated in the assessment. We also help you craft a plan for gathering this information over time so that participants can see how they’re developing as professionals. Schedule time to talk with us about your needs and our options.

We completely understand because we’ve been there! We have over fifteen years of working in talent management, and a not insignificant portion of that time was spent on administering review and feedback processes. So we designed our tool to be as painless for you as possible. We have a completely automated system with clear dashboards and reports so that you can stay up-to-date on your participants’ progress. You will work with a dedicated Fringe facilitator who will be your go-to person for any questions or troubleshooting. We’d love to set you up with a demo so that you can see how it works!

Performance reviews are generally used by organizations to assess how successfully employees are fulfilling their roles. These reviews are often used in decisions related to promotion, compensation, and work allocation. The Fringe Insights upward feedback process focuses on HOW leaders engage with their teams. Because this information is confidential, the organization will not have access to it (except in the extremely limited situation where feedback indicates the presence of a legal or ethical issue). This feedback is solely for the benefit of the participant so that they can build self-awareness and further their professional development as a leader.


When using pyschometrics,  we always recommend using a scientifically valid assessment, like DISC and EQi.

Psychometric validity refers to an assessment’s potential to evaluate what it claims to measure. This simply means that high validity of a test guarantees that the test items or questions are closely linked to the test’s intended core focus. 

The Fringe Insights Assessment is a feedback capture tool and merely reflects back the feedback folks input into it, so it is not held to any validity metrics.


Absolutely! This falls squarely within our consulting realm. We work with you to identify your needs, then we take it from there. We can build a curriculum, using both our Fringe trainers and our trusted and vetted colleagues, develop an implementation plan, and build metrics and data so that you can demonstrate the value that professional development adds to your organization. As part of this package, we identify any necessary assessments and coaching needs and administer

We love to solve problems creatively and are always happy to talk through any organizational challenge you might be facing. Additionally, we have BIG network of amazing colleagues who might be exactly what you need to solve a particualr challenge. We are always thrilled to be ableto recceomend experts to help support our community, so reach out and let’s talk!


Coaching is individualized support that helps you identify and achieve your professional goals. Check out this quick video for more info.

Yes, we do work directly with individuals! Schedule a call with one of our coaching to learn more.

Schedule a call with one of our coaches so that we can learn more about your situation and determine whether coaching would be the right approach. We have a variety of processes in place to support employers who want to provide coaching to their employees, and we work with you to make sure that you and the coaching participant have everything you need so that the coaching is as effective as possible.

Coaching is helpful all the time, but especially helpful when taking on a new professional challenge – like starting in a new job or taking on management responsibilities. For more info, check out this short video.

We do! We call our group coaching offering – mastermind groups. These are groups of teams or otherwise similarly situated peers that come together to learn about and reflect on topics like self-awareness, emotional intelligence, or inclusive leadership. We work with you to identify a set of topics most relevant to your group, and then we do the rest! Before each session, we provide pre-work to set the stage. Each session is a facilitated conversation where participants can reflect on their learning and learn from each other. And then we give some homework so that participants can put their learning into practice. Read more about our masterminds here.