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Fringe PD is a dynamic and growing company that has taken the world of professional development by storm. We are looking for colleagues to join our team who take ownership, are committed to the company’s growth, and are excited to work in a small and dynamic team! 



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Although we aren’t looking to grow our team at the moment, if you are interested in being considered for future positions, you can use the link below to send us your resume. Please note that you may not receive a personal response at the time you submit your information, but we will reach out should a role matching our experience open up!

As you’re considering applying to our team, we want to make one thing super clear: we’re all about equal opportunity for everyone, no matter who you are or where you come from. At Fringe, we believe that diversity is our greatest strength, and we’re all about embracing different backgrounds, perspectives, and quirks. So if you’re passionate, talented, and ready to bring your unique self to the table, we want to hear from you. Don’t be shy – take the plunge and send us your resume! We can’t wait to learn how you could make our team even more incredible.



We are generous with both time and ideas. We strive to provide the best client service but do so in a positive manner. We are generous with our assumptions and always give the benefit of the doubt when assuming intent.


We take a creative and curious approach to our work. We always ask questions and think outside of the box for answers. In addition to solving our clients’ problems, we also look for other ways to add value and help them succeed.


The advice and guidance we provide to clients is always research-backed and data- supported. We share the details of how we reach different conclusions to help our clients see pathways for themselves.


We provide an authentic and empathic presence and mindset. We think about work through the client/participant perspective. By connecting with their experiences, we understand them better.


We do serious work at Fringe PD, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Finding ways to infuse humor and laughter in our work is critical to our ability to engage with clients on a deeper level.

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