Stepping Out of Email Jail

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At Fringe PD, we practice what we preach and we are always learning and growing. Many of our clients and colleagues have expressed concern about the ever-present expansion of our working hours. As someone recently said to us, we no longer work at home, it feels more like we live at work. We know that people do their best, most creative work when they are well-rested and when they have time for reflection and activities that fulfill them outside of their work. Work can be your passion but all work and no play actually makes for sloppy work and unhappy people!

To ensure that our team here at Fringe can always provide exceptional client service at the highest levels, we have implemented an email hours policy. Outside of emergency situations, which we will use only when absolutely necessary, we will communicate via email during the hours of 9 am – 6 pm Monday through Friday. During those time periods, you can always expect a 24-hour response turnaround. We know that this will keep our team at the top of their game and we hope it encourages your well-being as well.


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