We’ve taken our tried and true feedback capture assessment and built the platform of your dreams around it!


An easier way to get upward feedback

We understand how challenging it can be to gather confidential and authentic feedback for your managers. That’s why we created a process that’s quick and easy to implement.

Delivering timely feedback to your leaders is critical. Our system allows you to receive real-time statistics on completion while keeping the details of any feedback completely confidential!



Upward reviews can be a pain to administer! We've done the heavy lifting for you. Our system makes it easy to load in participants and track their progress. Your private portal keeps you in the know while keeping the feedback out of your system.

Clear & Actionable Insights

All reports include a development plan to help participants utilize their feedback as effectively as possible. Coaching and training are also available to ensure everyone is supported throughout the process!

Self-Assessment & Group Comparisons

Feedback in a bubble, doesn't mean much and is easily dismissed. For groups of 5 or more, we provide a relevant group comparison for each score as well as a comparison to a mirror self-assessment.

Customized Questionnaires

Our tried and true assessment questions have proven to provide deep behavioral insight. That said, we recognize the importance of individual culture and can add organization specific values-based questions to make the process more personal.


Your team can add, remove, and edit participants at any time.

Quickly send reminders to participants who are behind in the process.

All feedback is kept separate from the admin portal keeping the process confidential.


You ask, we answer

All your Insights questions, answered!

That is up to you, though we recommend upward reviews for individuals who manage at least five people or are considered senior leadership. We are happy to work with you to choose the right participant group!

Performance reviews are generally used by organizations to assess how successfully employees are fulfilling their roles. These reviews are often used in decisions related to promotion, compensation, and work allocation. The Fringe Insights upward feedback process focuses on HOW leaders engage with their teams. Because this information is confidential, the organization will not have access to it (except in the extremely limited situation where feedback indicates the presence of a legal or ethical issue). This feedback is solely for the benefit of the participant so that they can build self-awareness and further their professional development as a leader.


The average process from gathering participant and rater names to delivery of final reports takes two to three months. Completion of each form only takes 10-15 minutes!


In this unlikely case, we will contact a pre-assigned organization leader(s) to notify them of legal, ethical, or other similar issues from the feedback. Only these individuals and Fringe PD will have knowledge of this information.


All reports come with a feedback development plan, but some participants may require additional support. Fringe PD provides training (for large groups) and coaching (for individuals and small groups) who might want additional guidance in how to use their report.


Confidentiality is essential to this process and only the participant and Fringe PD have access to these reports. Exception: If any legal or ethical concerns arise in a report, those will be shared with the organization.


How to Get Upward Feedback: Why You Should Love It and How

Upward feedback is an important tool for leadership development because it allows leaders to receive honest input from their employees. It can be difficult to ask for upward feedback, but if you do so in the right way, your employees will be more than happy to provide it. Here are a few tips on how to go about it...

5 Reasons Upward Feedback Sucks — And How to Fix It

Companies spend considerable time and lose up to $35 million each year trying to get feedback on their leaders’ performance and management behaviors. Recently, we have heard from businesses that want to gather more candid feedback from all employees to increase transparency and minimize their leadership bias.

The Imperfect Leader

Most new leaders who come to us for support have the weight of perfection on their shoulders. I’ve seen so many aspiring leaders frozen in their careers by the perceived expectation of achieving flawless execution, easy and productive feedback conversations, and a team who will not only rally for them but also like them on a personal level too. The truth is: The perfect leader doesn’t exist, and that’s a very good thing.

Embracing the Vulnerability of Feedback

Think about the last time you received constructive feedback. If you’re anything like me and most people, that critique probably didn’t feel great. Our initial response to constructive feedback is usually pretty unpleasant — grief, irritation, denial — and rarely does it feel constructive. But as much as constructive feedback can hurt, we know it’s essential to professional growth.


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