Sharing is caring. A lesson for our leaders.

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Leaders are bestowed with a great gift. They have the capacity to shape individuals, organizations, and nations. Without being cheeky, I will remind everyone of the wisdom given to Spiderman, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” All too often in corporate America, our leaders see the power in their actions, their decisions, how they choose … Read more

The Anxiety Impact

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Over the past two years, as the election cycle ramped up to full speed and we voted for president, reports of increases in hospital and doctor visits increased. The cause? Political anxiety. Doctors have reported seeing more and more patients who are presenting with symptoms of depression, malaise, and anxiety that seem to be rooted … Read more

The 40-Year-Old Millennial

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A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a colleague that brought up the ever present topic of millennials at work. After some discussion, I reminded this person that I was a millennial and they looked shocked. “I would never have suspected!” they said as if I had told them a deep dark secret. … Read more

Intern season: May the odds be in your favor!

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Across all industries and geographic areas, young professionals are transitioning from student to intern. Summer internships are a major recruiting tool for many companies as they provide exposure and experience to young professionals looking to start their career. For many interns, the stress of joining a summer program can turn this critical development experience into … Read more

The Power of Language at Work

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Leadership and language go hand in hand. Our language and word choices as we lead our teams through triumphs and defeats, change and uncertainty, have become passive at best and inconsequential at worst. The speed with which we manage and the number of projects being juggled simultaneously seem to demand a carelessness when it comes … Read more

Your organization’s secret super-hero

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This article was originally posted on The Huffington Post. The title of brand ambassador seems to be a popular one these days. Most frequently used for companies who sell products, brand ambassadors are deployed into communities to spread the word, display the product, tweet, Instagram, and hashtag to oblivion. Many companies have brilliantly deployed brand … Read more