Four Ways to Give Feedback That Sticks But Doesn’t Sting

Kate Germano is an Executive Coach and Trainer at Fringe PD, where their mission is to help people communicate better and create more human workplaces. We’ve all been there. You feel like you’ve said the same thing over and over about what someone needs to do to improve their performance, and yet nothing ever seems to change. … Read more

Navigating the Future: Leading Hybrid and Remote Teams in a Return-to-Office World

Rachael Bosch is the CEO and founder at Fringe PD, where their mission is to help people communicate better and create more human workplaces. I remember when I met with my first business accountant in 2017. I sat in his formal office space, trying to explain to him the business I envisioned and seeking his input on … Read more

The “Suck It Up Buttercup” Fallacy: Why Being Mean to Your Associates May Backfire

Veronica Matthews is an Executive Coach at Fringe PD, where their mission is to help people communicate better and create more human workplaces. It’s no secret, lawyers and the legal profession have been referred to as dog-eat-dog. It is understandable why – the legal system is inherently adversarial; the situations involve high stakes; and there are extreme … Read more

The Ultimate Flex: Using Adaptive Leadership to Get the Most From Your Team

Our mission at Fringe PD is to help people communicate better and create more human workplaces. If you manage people, you may never have considered whether your leadership style hinders your team’s potential. But it’s an important question to ask. Whether you have reflected on it or not, now is a great time to explore how … Read more

No Undefined Terms: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Vague Language

Do you ever feel like you’re walking a tightrope when it comes to communication? One wrong word can lead to confusion and misunderstandings, even with the best intentions. That’s why it pays to be crystal clear when communicating with others, especially at work. Unfortunately, using vague language is all too common and can have serious … Read more

Why Good Client Service Doesn’t Mean Being a Yes Person

As professional service providers, we know how critical client service is. It’s what can make or break our career! But often, our definition of excellent client service prevents us from delivering our best work, and maybe worse, can leave us burnt out and looking for a new career. Let’s define “client” before we dive in. … Read more

No News Isn’t Good News – Don’t Mistake No Feedback for Good Feedback

If you’re a manager of people, you’re probably spending a lot of time thinking about giving feedback, actually giving feedback, and dealing with the aftermath of that feedback. But how much time are you spending asking for and getting feedback about yourself? How often are you getting valuable nuggets of information to use towards your … Read more

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: A Guide to Inclusive Leadership

Take a second to think about the different teams you’ve been a part of at work. Chances are some were great – you loved working with the group, you felt respected and heard by leadership, and you felt motivated to do your best work. And some of the teams you’ve been a part of have … Read more

Embracing the Vulnerability of Feedback

Think about the last time you received constructive feedback. If you’re anything like me and most people, that critique probably didn’t feel great. Our initial response to constructive feedback is usually pretty unpleasant — grief, irritation, denial — and rarely does it feel constructive. But as much as constructive feedback can hurt, we know it’s … Read more

How to Get Upward Feedback: Why You Should Love It and How

Talk to your employees about why upward feedback is important and explain that you want to receive honest input from them. As your employees’ leader, it’s important that you hear honest feedback from them about your performance. After all, they’re the ones who see you in action every day and know how you’re really doing. … Read more