3 Ways to Build an Effective and Inclusive Interview Process

Katie Aldrich is the Director of Program & Coaching Strategy at Fringe PD, where their mission is to help people communicate better and create more human workplaces. When recruiting and interviewing candidates, the goals are simple: find the best people for the job as efficiently as possible, with an accepted offer at the end of the process. … Read more

Walking The Talk Of Unconscious Bias Training

Article originally published in Forbes, December 2019 As a communications coach, I’m a staunch supporter of companies having a robust professional development curriculum. Yet even I will agree that corporate training on inclusivity and unconscious bias have their pitfalls and limitations if employees don’t — and aren’t expected to — practice what they learn when their decisions … Read more

Cancel Culture, Revisited

Any good business person will tell you that failures are a necessary ingredient of success. They demonstrate ambition to push limits, resilience against setbacks, and the creativity inherent in trial and error. Yet this same principle is rarely applied to the rules of engagement between co-workers. An isolated slip-up of questionable language, for example, can … Read more

Where’s the Woke?

This June marked one of the most visible observances of Pride Month that our clients have ever seen. The celebration was certainly ubiquitous in my own city of D.C. Rainbow flags appeared not only above the basement bars in Dupont Circle (as usual), but also (for what felt like the first time) as window banners … Read more

How to avoid the bias you didn’t even know you had

white gummy bears with one red gummy bear

Be better than Selina Meyer when writing your performance reviews (well… and generally) This article was originally published on Forbes.com Fall has officially arrived, which means everyone’s favorite, most festive time of year is almost here: performance review season. Pour the pumpkin spice, and let the celebrations begin! But before you sit down to write … Read more

The 40-Year-Old Millennial

millennial woman on smartphone

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a colleague that brought up the ever present topic of millennials at work. After some discussion, I reminded this person that I was a millennial and they looked shocked. “I would never have suspected!” they said as if I had told them a deep dark secret. … Read more