3 Ways to Build an Effective and Inclusive Interview Process

Katie Aldrich is the Director of Program & Coaching Strategy at Fringe PD, where their mission is to help people communicate better and create more human workplaces. When recruiting and interviewing candidates, the goals are simple: find the best people for the job as efficiently as possible, with an accepted offer at the end of the process. … Read more

You can’t sit with us! Creating more civility at work

It’s no secret that the workplace can be a breeding ground for stress and conflict. From office politics to personality clashes, it’s easy for workplace communications to go downhill fast. This can lead to decreased productivity, missed deadlines, and even worse. But what if there was another way? What if we could all learn to … Read more

Who’s the Bruno in your Organization?

It’s true, here at Fringe HQ, we really can take ANY pop culture reference and make it about workplace dynamics. So after succumbing to the hit new Disney movie Encanto over the weekend, I got to thinking about Bruno. And yes, we are going to talk about him.   Besides the Lin-Manuel effect, a film like Encanto … Read more

Hazard Ahead: Staffing and Retention in a “Hybrid” Workplace

As employers consider bringing their teams back into the office, they’re thinking about safety, legal compliance, technology, equipment. But what might not be on their minds? Employee engagement and well-being. And that’s a big mistake.  It’s a dangerous fallacy to assume that the employees you sent home in March 2020 are the same ones coming … Read more

The Self-Care Guide for Hustlers

There’s nothing like a global pandemic to up a person’s hustle game. In 2020 many of us set up home offices for the first time and had fewer reasons to leave the house, so it became normal to put in long hours toward a career (or fun new side gig) to stay busy. While challenging … Read more

Stepping Out of Email Jail

At Fringe PD, we practice what we preach and we are always learning and growing. Many of our clients and colleagues have expressed concern about the ever-present expansion of our working hours. As someone recently said to us, we no longer work at home, it feels more like we live at work. We know that … Read more

To Be of Use

To the Fringe community, this month, I wanted to speak directly to you — not about management, or bias, or skill-building, but about the human experience. I’ve never been someone who struggles to fall asleep. Before this year, I could drift off as soon as my head hit the pillow. But I’ve recently found myself … Read more